The Health Benefits of Love

Is love a romantic or a biological connection? The question seems to be one that is recurring throughout the history of humanity. With all of the health benefits that love offers, it would appear to be that love is simply a connection that two humans have as a way of improving their health. Humans can improve the way that they feel by being in love and having sex.

Getting a boost to the immune system is easy when you are in love. There is no need to receive certain shots that can give you that boost you need when you’re in love. According to research studies, a person’s immune system will receive a 30 percent increase in immunoglobulin A levels in the body when he or she is in love. A person has every reason to find somebody to love and enjoy the feeling of having a healthier body.

Women can also protect themselves from debilitating illnesses when they are in love. Research studies have also shown that women will experience a decrease in the risk that they will obtain breast cancer. Women who are having sex at least one or two times a week are able to increase the likelihood that they will avoid various forms of cancer.

Men who are in their 20s can also take some steps in love to decrease their chances of getting prostate cancer.

Men who ejaculate at least once or twice a week will be 30 percent less at risk for developing prostate cancer. They can also expect to live longer than their fellow males who are unfortunately not in love or having sex.

Even if sex is just a connection that humans develop for improved health benefits, there does not seem to be any harm with this connection. If sex actually improves the way that humans live, then it is a mystery why humans are avoiding the topic of sex so much. Perhaps religions should actually begin encouraging more people to have sex for the increased mortality rate and health benefits that they will receive from having sex. A love connection can help a person improve his or her sense of well-being.

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